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Hold Harmless Release: This release bars your rights to recover damages in the case of an accident injuring you. READ BEFORE SIGNING! In applying to the Shore Lb. Throw Down, I promise to inspect the contest site, and assure myself that the area is safe for skimming and further agree that I will not skim in the contest unless I am satisfied that the area and conditions are safe for skimming purposes. In exchange for Shore Lb. accepting my entry form, I voluntarily agree to assume all risks incident to the sport of skimming. With full knowledge, comprehension, and understanding of these responsibilities, I voluntarily accept and assume all risks involved in the spirit of competitive skimboarding. I will further read and comply with all city rules and regulations, and do agree that, noting existing weather conditions related to use of the contest site by myself and others in consideration of your acceptance of my entry, I intend to be legally bound, hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, hold harmless and release and forever discharge the city of Stuart, the county of Port St. Lucie, the state of Florida, and sponsors, their members, agents, and any officials connected with this competition, from all liabilities for injuries and damages whatsoever, arising from my presence and/or participation in the above described event and do hereby grant all the sponsors both named and unnamed such releases as described.
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FOR CONTESTANTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE: I HEREBY CERTIFY, that I am the parent or guardian of the participant named above, and do hereby give my permission without reservation and with full understanding and comprehension of the foregoing agreement to hold the aforementioned organizations and government entities harmless of any and all liabilities including any such injuries which are alleged to have occurred as a result of negligent failure of Shore Lb. Throw Down 2018 Officials, Judges, and Directors to properly supervise contestants in the course of competition.

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