Skim USA is proud to announce the 2018 Members of the  Skim USA Team:

Boys: Ethan Redefer
Juniors: Jack Lee
Women: Emma Okoniewski   
Men: Russell Sullivan


The Skim USA team is an elite group and an athlete has to be at the top of their game both in and out of the water to make the cut.

The Skim USA Team became an official program of Skim USA at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting in August of 2008.  The directors of Skim USA wanted a way to further highlight the association’s top amateur athletes by offering this elite group the opportunity to take their skimboarding to a higher level.

Skim USA’s  Team is announced in the Fall for the upcoming season.


The process of selection to the Skim USA Team begins in March of each year. Each Skim USA director has the opportunity to nominate individuals for membership on the team. The criteria listed below and the candidates performance at the team trial events are all considered.



How you are perceived, how you carry yourself and the way you give back to the sport of skimboarding.


Your beach and water attitude, your reception to constructive criticism and your attitude when asked to help out at contests.


During the season the candidate must never have missed a heat or mandatory judging rotation.


    • Shore lb. Throwdown – March
    • Sea Bright Skim Bash – June
    • Outer Banks Skim Jam – July
    • ZAP Pro Am World Championships of Skimboarding – August (MANDATORY PARTICIPATION AT THIS EVENT)

The cumulative results of four trials are the formula used to give each candidate’s performance ratio. There is one point given for heat advancement in any age division in which there are more than two preliminary rounds. The maximum point accumulation of six points and a champion bonus of two points. The Champion Bonus for the Zap Amateur World Championships of Skimboarding will be three points.

The final team roster shall be comprised of athletes from each of the following age divisions: Boys, Jr. Men, Men, Women. A Team captain and co-captain shall be chosen by majority vote of all team members. The Coach of the Skim USA Team will be chosen by a majority vote of the Skim USA Directors. All members of the Skim USA Team shall be contracted athletes of Skim USA.



Boys: Aidan Stevenson
Juniors: Michael Turdo
Women: Emma Okoniewski
Men: Chester Burnett

Boys: Nicholas Turdo
Juniors: Eddie Dixon
Men: Ryan McFarland

Boys: Casey Ritzer
Juniors: Turner Tenney
Women: Alex Yokley
Men: Lucas McCoy

Boys: Casey Ritzer
Juniors: Sam McCoy
Women: Ellen Wood
Men: Jake Luke

Boys: Eddie Dixon
Juniors: Sam McCoy
Women: Steff Mags
Men: Lucas McCoy



*if a current team member goes pro in the year that they are on the team they lose eligibility for all Skim USA team events.